Software for Social Good Spotlight

Trip Report: ICEVI Africa

Last month several members of the Benetech Programs team attended the inaugural ICEVI Africa conference which was co-organized by our very own Martin Kieti in Kenya. Below is a summary of the trip and learnings my team brought back. Recently, I travelled from the U.S. to Nairobi and met up with my colleagues Dr. Homiyar Mobedji and […]

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A Birthday Celebration of Life and Giving

Working in customer support for Bookshare, I have the privilege of hearing the stories of users from all over the world. Last year, when Sara, Ashley’s mother, contacted us to close Ashley’s account and express her appreciation for Bookshare, I was deeply moved by her story. I felt grateful to realize the significant impact our […]

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Becoming Benetech Global Certified Accessible: Paving the Way for Accessibility with Michael Johnson

For a comprehensive understanding of Benetech’s Global Certified Accessible program, Benetech is pleased to introduce Michael Johnson, Vice President of Content at Benetech. Having joined Benetech in 2019, Michael oversees Benetech’s GCA Certification program as well as Bookshare. Bringing years of experience in publishing, technology, and educational distribution, he brings expertise in all three areas. […]

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