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Empowering Disability Inclusion with Data

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Data and individual stories are powerful. They lead to a better understanding of the issues people face and are powerful tools for changing policy and guiding policy implementation. The best people to provide such data and stories are those with firsthand experiences.

Data collection at the source is especially critical when it comes to people with disabilities. That’s why Benetech is committed to developing data collection technology that gives people with disabilities a voice as they seek employment and education and address other critical needs

Benetech’s Data for Inclusion Platform provides accessible and straightforward mobile apps that allow people with disabilities and disabled persons’ organizations to provide firsthand reports of the issues they face. The platform is configured not only to be accessible to a wide range of people with disabilities but also to meet geographic needs including local dialects. The easy-to-use, accessible interface empowers individuals across a range of disabilities to input their experiences.

The result is primary-source data that can inform policy at the local, national, and global level.

Learn about how Benetech’s Data for Inclusion platform is powering inclusive data collection for the Inclusive Futures Initiative.