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Human Rights
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Gamifying Human Rights Training

Your search for a missing colleague leads you to uncover a huge investigation he’s been working on that quickly unfolds to reveal systematic, trans-national human rights violations. Gather, verify, and corroborate the evidence to document these human rights violations and hold the perpetrators accountable. Meanwhile, stay safe, the web of corruption is wide!

Benetech is building a digital narrative adventure game that introduces the basics of human rights monitoring and security concepts as the player uncovers mounting evidence of large-scale human rights violations. Set in a fictional country ahead of a large global sports event, you discover a construction company forcing trafficked laborers to work in untenable conditions.

Players must decode their colleague’s notes to find witnesses and victims, interview them and systematically document the abuses without putting themselves or their collaborators at risk. They must choose carefully the right thing to say, record, and report as well as how to communicate securely. Just as in real life human rights work, each choice has potentially dire consequences and you don’t know who to trust.

This engaging, scalable, training resource provides a safe place for new human rights defenders to make mistakes and learn, so that they are well prepared to carry out their work and make smart decisions in the field.