TechCrunch Says Benetech’s Social Good Model Works!

TechCrunch recently dove into the Benetech story, exploring how Benetech’s MacArthur Genius founder and CEO “took a page out of the Silicon Valley playbook to address persistent social challenges. “

Read the article on TechCrunch: Palo Alto Nonprofit Benetech Wins a $42.5M Dept. of Education Grant, a Nod to Founder Jim Fruchterman’s Quest to Help the Blind

Here are a couple of our favorite parts:

“[Jim’s] ability to bridge the commercial world of tech innovation and the potential for social impact is his real strength in the field of social entrepreneurship.” – Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation

“I started from single-enterprise entrepreneur, to portfolio-of-enterprises ringleader, to guy who wants to help the entire Silicon Valley software and data ecosystem transform the world of disadvantaged communities and the social sector that serves them.” – Jim Fruchterman, Founder and CEO, Benetech

What to read more about Benetech’s innovation? We’ve got you covered:

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