Global Certified Accessible

Access to information is a universal human right. That’s why Benetech created Global Certified Accessible, the first-ever program to evaluate the accessibility of ebooks to ensure all students have equal access to education.

Global Certified Accessible offers publishers a comprehensive and authoritative assessment of how successfully their files incorporate the accessibility features critical in educational materials. Importantly, it awards a “stamp of approval” on content that meets accessibility requirements that publishers can market to purchasers and procurement officers at both K-12 and higher education institutions. In turn, with the increasing mandate on the part of these institutions that content be accessible, Global Certified Accessible offers decision makers confidence that the books they are purchasing meet procurement requirements.

Global Certified Accessible grew out of Benetech’s experience building Bookshare, the world’s largest library of accessible ebooks. Bookshare works with over 850 publishers to transform their content into accessible formats and has remediated over 550,000 titles to date. Leveraging its deep knowledge of technology, standards, and current publishing practices, Benetech strives to ensure that content is not only born digital – but born accessible.

By making accessibility transparent from content creation through content purchasing, Global Certified Accessible’s aim is to support everyone involved in creating, distributing, retailing, purchasing – and reading — accessible books.



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