Benetech and the Environment

Since 2008, Benetech has supported the environmental community with software for social good.

With open source technology, we built Miradi, the leading platform for adaptive environmental management and planning. Miradi is a Swahili word for “project,” and through a user-friendly tool, environmental practitioners could design, manage, monitor, and learn from projects to more effectively meet conservation goals. It was used in over 170 countries, and in 2014, Benetech transitioned Miradi to the conservation community for future development.

Another example of Benetech’s work is DOCSAS. Derived from the Spanish acronym for diagnosing community water and sanitation services, DOCSAS was developed in partnership with the Latin American conservation community to support over 80,000 community-based water and sanitation providers. Using the DOCSAS mobile app, providers could survey their operations and receive scoring, evaluation, educational content, and recommendations. These learnings helped to improve operations and management and to make informed decisions on future water and sanitation investments.