Let’s Come Together to Increase Access to Social Services

Picture yourself visiting a new city and trying to find a coffee shop nearby. No problem. You do a quick search on your smartphone and find five that are less than a mile away.

Now picture a mother trying to find temporary shelter for her family.  An internet search doesn’t yield any results. Who does she turn to for help? Maybe she calls 2-1-1 social services directory, or her county human services office, or visits the community center. Will they have the information they need to help?

Benetech Service Net is working to ensure that whichever organization she reaches out to, she is connected to the best services that meet her needs. Using the Service Net platform for data collaboration, community based organizations, local governments, referral agencies, hospitals, and nonprofits are coming together to increase access to social services.

This community driven initiative makes the safety net more visible, efficient, and easier to navigate. Join us on our mission to strengthen the social safety net and increase access to social services in the Bay Area today!

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Want to learn more about Benetech Service Net before you become a partner or donate? Watch the video:

"We invested in Benetech Service Net because it enables us to more efficiently and accurately provide information on the community services our vulnerable patients need once they are discharged from our acute settings." - Pablo Bravo, Dignity Health Vice President of Community Health