Tech for Social Good

Do you want to help harness the power of software and data to enable communities and address some of the world’s most challenging social problems?

You can. With Benetech.

Benetech is a nonprofit that develops software with lasting impact that helps people worldwide.

We focus on:

  • Education
    • We transform how information and education are made accessible to everyone through innovative solutions and industry initiatives.
  • Environment
    • We help communities address environmental sustainability challenges and protect ecosystems through software applications and data solutions.
  • Human Rights
    • We empower human rights defenders around the world to pursue truth and justice through purpose-built software and capacity building.
  • Poverty
    • We level the playing field for community members by leveraging information and data to reduce social and economic inequality.

Our tech for social good has caused dramatic and positive change for people around the world by helping:

  • Over 10 million people with disabilities read
  • 170+ countries better manage environmental conservation projects through data
  • More than 4,500 human rights defenders securely document human rights abuses

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Your contribution will help people like:

Brian Meersma

“Bookshare (Benetech’s Education Division) has had a huge impact on my life. Without Bookshare my grades would suffer. I can complete assignments on my own, keep up with my classmates, and really excel in school. Technology helps level the playing field for students with disabilities like me.”

Edward Ssemambo

“The problem is that people don’t believe it [human rights violations]. They actually say these things don’t happen and you are exaggerating the situation. We want the stories to be substantiated and used as evidence because when we don’t have the data, we can’t stand up and say there was a violation. Benetech has really helped us do that.”

There are thousands of other stories like Brian’s and Edward’s.

You can help many more.