We believe that access to information is a universal human right. Yet more than ninety percent of books and published materials cannot be read by people with disabilities. Our work in education is focused on one big thing: making information accessible so that everyone can learn, work, and pursue their dreams.

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Millions of people around the world are left behind because of disabilities. Students with dyslexia struggle in school because they cannot read traditional books. Blind adults cannot access printed career development materials, build new skills, or gain meaningful employment. Seniors and baby boomers with macular degeneration can no longer enjoy their local newspaper or beloved New York Times bestsellers.

We are changing this. Through innovative education software and services, we are transforming how people with disabilities access information and how the publishing industry creates content accessible to all.


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The next generation of emerging software solutions that will change how people with disabilities learn. 

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Enable individuals and communities to acquire knowledge and build skills that can help them find meaningful work or advance in their careers.
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Human Rights

Empower human rights defenders around the world to pursue truth and justice through purpose-built software and capacity building.
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Social Inclusion

Make information accessible so that everyone can learn, work, socialize, and pursue their dreams.
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