Human Rights

Human rights are violated on a daily basis around the world. Whether the victims are harmed or stigmatized, disappeared or killed, human rights abuses can shatter lives, families and even entire populations. We believe that human rights abuses should be documented, that injustice should be exposed, and that human rights defenders and the data they collect should be kept safe. Every story matters because every story is a tool for truth and justice.

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Advocates and human rights fieldworkers urgently need a way to securely gather and store sensitive data—and to review and share their information to create change. Our human rights work harnesses the power of encryption to meet this pressing need. Our software keeps human rights defenders safe and has become critically important in efforts to pursue reform and seek justice.

Human Rights

Innovation Spotlight

Equipped with secure Artificial Intelligence, human rights defenders can efficiently analyze the huge amount of digital evidence coming out of conflicts, empowering them to use this data to build cases and pursue justice.

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