Even as economies around the world grow, global inequality levels continue to rise. Education, housing, and employment among others, are all critical socioeconomic ingredients necessary for people to live and prosper. Through information and data-driven social innovation, our poverty alleviation efforts are helping to close the gaps and provide a bridge to new opportunities for those that need it.

Inequity demands social action. Lack of access to education, employment, health, housing, and justice holds back human progress. We’re driven to level the playing field by providing innovative software solutions that strengthen the social safety net through increased community collaboration, connect at-risk communities to critical social services, and empower them to gain meaningful employment.

Our data exchange platforms empower collaboration among multiple community stakeholders that in turn can generate tools and practices that yield social innovation and transformative social change.


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The next generation of emerging software solutions to address inequality.

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Transform how information and education are made accessible to everyone through innovative solutions and industry initiatives. 
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Human Rights

Empower human rights defenders around the world to pursue truth and justice through purpose-built software and capacity building.
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See our work and impact on critical issues, like the environment, in the past.
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