Learn about our leadership team and Board of Directors.

Jim Fruchterman


Jim is a leading social entrepreneur, a MacArthur Fellow, a recipient of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, and a Distinguished Alumnus of Caltech. Jim’s dream is to bring Silicon Valley’s technology innovations to all of humanity, not just the richest 5%. He is a former rocket engineer who also founded two successful for-profit high technology companies. Under Jim’s leadership, Benetech has created and scaled multiple software for good enterprises and continues to develop and launch new software applications.

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Betsy Beaumon


Betsy is a tech social entrepreneur and engineer who leads all of Benetech’s programs – across education, human rights, poverty and the environment.  She is the co-founder of two software companies, including the first web-based Information and Referral service for social services, and has developed products across the software, semiconductor, and information sectors. Betsy is an authority on digital accessible materials and defined the concept of “Born Accessible,” a vision where all digital content is made accessible to everyone when created. Betsy previously held senior positions with BEA Systems, TradeBeam, Social Online Service, and Cisco Systems. She holds a BSEE from Northwestern University.

Sukhi Nagesh


Sukhi is an experienced finance and engineering professional. At Benetech, Sukhi is responsible for all aspects regarding finance, legal, contracts and compliance. Prior to Benetech, Sukhi held multiple leadership positions in finance, marketing, and engineering at Marvell, Deutsche Bank, SG Cowen, Applied Materials, and Asyst Technologies. He began his career as an engineer before branching out to field sales, product marketing, and, ultimately, finance. Sukhi is passionate about helping level the playing field for all and especially the disadvantaged. In his free time, Sukhi enjoys sports and spending time with his family.

Mark Roberts


Mark is a seasoned engineering and operations leader with over 30 years of high tech experience. Mark is responsible for Engineering, IT, Product, UI/UX, Training, Book Processing and Customers Support. Prior to Benetech, Mark served as TiVo’s Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations. Mark is passionate about using his technology expertise to make unique products that help niche, underserved markets and that focus on social good.

Keith Hiatt


Keith Hiatt is a leading voice in international human rights, software, and data. As Benetech’s VP of Human Rights, Keith leads Benetech’s efforts to empower human rights defenders around the world through the effective use of technology. Keith also serves as a member of the Technology Advisory Board of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and as a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley, where he founded the Human Rights Investigation Lab. After attending Berkeley Law, Keith clerked for Judge Ronald Gould of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In 2014, as a community lawyer in East Palo Alto, he received the California Bar Association President’s Award for Pro Bono Service. Prior to law school, Keith worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and a systems analyst at Boeing.

Brad Turner


Brad is a seasoned business development and marketing leader with over 25 years of experience in technology, marketing and management. At Benetech, Brad is responsible for creating and operationalizing the strategic direction of the Benetech Global Literacy Program, including products, services, partnerships, and funding. Prior to Benetech, Brad was vice president of marketing and business development at Inkiru, a big data predictive analytics company acquired by Wal-Mart. He also served as the founder and CEO of Through the Lens, Inc., the creator of premier image and data management systems for medical practices. Brad is passionate about making sure all people have the opportunity to read and learn, regardless of ability. In his free time, Brad enjoys skiing and spending time with his family.

Anh Bui


Anh is a seasoned nonprofit leader with expertise building scalable software for social good solutions through ecosystem engagement. At Benetech, Anh is responsible for leading Benetech Labs’ R&D work, engaging with communities, other technologists, and other non-profits around critical social issues to prototype new software solutions. Prior to Benetech, Anh led the development of a digital publishing platform for leading scientific and research publishers. Anh is passionate about how technology can be a great connector, catalyzing collective and collaborative action for greater good. In her free time, Anh enjoys her family, indulging in film and fiction that bring up memories of her former life as a grad student earning a PhD in the humanities, and the occasional good run along the Bay Trail.

Joel Riciputi


Joel is a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience. At Benetech, Joel is responsible for all marketing strategy and operations, program and product marketing, digital marketing, and communications. Prior to Benetech, Joel was VP of Product Marketing at Nexant and has held senior marketing, product, and business development roles at startups and public companies as well as nonprofits. Over the past 20+ years Joel’s work has spanned a range of global technology challenges from sustainability and energy management to speech recognition and security, all at the juncture of leveraging technology for action and impact. Joel is passionate about seeking new ways to apply software for social good. In his free time, Joel enjoys cycling, fly fishing, backpacking and time with family.

Jane Poole


Jane is a seasoned human resources executive with over thirty years of experience building high-impact teams. At Benetech, Jane is responsible for human resources and all other administrative functions required for organizational success. A member of the ADP Client Advisory Council as a voice for accessibility, she previously managed the human resources and administration functions at Calera Recognition Systems, a for-profit tech company found by Benetech Founder and CEO, Jim Fruchterman. Jane is passionate about helping others and believes we can improve the lives of people in underserved communities through the power of technology. Jane enjoys reading, needle arts, skiing, and travel. Jane has a BA degree in Sociology from Stanford University.