Expanding Educational Opportunities for Underserved Communities

Focus at the intersection of learning differences and racial justice.

Education Equity in Detroit

We are partnering with Detroit to break down barriers and increase literacy.

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Student with dyslexia discovers a love of reading

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Benetech Training Resources Hub

As part of Benetech's commitment to educational equity, we offer teachers practical, action-oriented training that is high quality and relevant.

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We make a positive, lasting social impact.

Education Equity

Transform how information and education are made accessible to everyone through innovative solutions and industry initiatives.
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20 million+

Books delivered to people with disabilities transforming how they read and helping them succeed


Publishers and conversion vendors participating in our Global Certified Accessible program


of the students we serve have learning differences.

Our Approach

We strive to maximize the social impact of our work by ensuring that all learning materials are accessible via our leading global edtech platform, while also changing the way content is created. It is important to provide learning materials and support to students with learning differences or disabilities living in low- and middle-income countries, as well as underserved communities in the US. All learners have the right to access educational opportunities.


Focus on high-impact, high-quality materials to meet rigorous quality standards and demonstrated student need: accessible STEM materials, teacher-created materials, and materials from diverse authors and voices will change the face of inclusive education.


Deliver simple and streamlined tools and services that meet students and teachers where they are, that fit easily in teachers’ or students’ instructional routines, and includes integration intolearning platforms they use at school.


Combine high-touch, deep engagement in cohorts of underserved communities with broad yet customized nationwide digital and personal engagement.

Capacity Building

High-impact training and technical assistance to make sure that educators, students, and caregivers know how to effectively access and use accessible content.


Collect, analyze and share key information on the availability, use, and impact of our accessible services and content, and work with our partners to apply this data for continual improvement in delivery.
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