Yoko Nakao Joins Benetech Board of Directors

By Carrie Motamedi, posted on
Yoko Nakao

Benetech recently welcomed Yoko Nakao as the newest member of the board. Yoko has been in the game industry for nearly two decades and is currently the Head of Game Operations at Netflix where the service delivers innovative game experiences. In addition to joining our board, Yoko is an active advisor to several technology start-ups. We asked Yoko to share more about what drew her to Benetech and how she believes she can support our mission.

What attracted you to Benetech and our mission?

Technology has the ability to shape how people access and experience the world around them. Benetech’s focus on inclusion and equity in education and the larger community resonates with my values. I have been working in the technology sector for nearly two decades. Technology advancement during this time has been staggering, yet adoption of technology has been varied in different fields, including education. This has never been more visible than during the COVID pandemic, where accessibility to technology was critical for education for students of all ages. The mission for Benetech to leverage technology to support global literacy and bring equity to education is incredibly important and personally resonant – and I am honored to join the Board to support Benetech to drive social impact. I look forward to working with Benetech to deliver on the promise of education for all students and leverage tech to scale impact for global communities.

"Yoko's expertise in developing, operating and scaling immersive technologies globally brings to us a valuable perspective that we will undoubtedly benefit from.” - Ayan Kishore, CEO, Benetech.

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