Our Work in Detroit and Michigan

Benetech works with schools, educators, families, and community leaders to increase education equity in Detroit. Through our Bookshare initiative, we have delivered over 20 million accessible ebooks to over 1.5 million people with learning differences and disabilities. Yet, there are more than 200,000 students across Detroit and Michigan that could benefit from more equitable access to reading and learning. Together, we can help them shine and succeed. Together, we can make education equity happen.

Map of Michigan featuring Detroit

It Takes a Village. Benetech is proud to partner with these fine organizations to empower Detroit’s young people.

Supporting Detroit Students

Partnering for Equity

Lasting social change always arises from community members themselves. Nancy Brown, Benetech’s field leader in Detroit, attended Detroit Public Schools as a child and dedicated over thirty-five years teaching and supporting students with disabilities. She has unique insights and expertise into what it takes to make education more equitable for at-risk students in Detroit.

Celebrating Reading Supherheroes

From kindergarten to college, Detroit students are using Bookshare ebooks and reading tools to become independent learners and resilient readers. Jose likes that Bookshare helps him decode, learn vocabulary, keep up with classroom assignments, and especially read the same Spider Man books that his buddies are reading.

Making STEM Inclusive

How can you study math when you cannot see the math equation? How can you imagine a future in science or technology when you see so few people like you in those careers? Benetech is changing this using artificial intelligence. With the support of General Motors, Benetech is making STEM learning more inclusive.

How Can You Support?

Do you want to help Detroit students to rise and succeed? Join Benetech and our community partners to make literacy, learning, and STEM opportunities more equitable and inclusive.

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2 boys in the classroom using a tablet

A significant number of students in Detroit who are nonproficient in reading on standardized tests are not identified as having a reading disability. We want to make sure that students are properly identified... and given the support to put them on a path to improved literacy.

Nancy Brown, Detroit Outreach Coordinator