Reading with Bookshare is empowering. It can open up the world of literature and self-confidence for my students.


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Stand Up for Equity

Join the growing public-private partnership that is investing to ensure equitable access to Bookshare literacy resources for all eligible students, regardless of their zip code.

Fund Free Screenings for Students

Identifying dyslexia early is important to ensure that all youth get the education services they deserve to learn and thrive. But screenings can be expensive and hard to schedule. Online screenings reduce barriers to obtaining vital reading and literacy supports.

Culturally-relevant stories, nonfiction & textbooks

With over 1 million titles in Bookshare’s curated library, there’s always a just-right book in science-backed formats for a reader to discover. 

Help Dismantle The School-to-Prison Pipeline Through Better Literacy

Unlocking reading skills is key to healthy youth development, research shows.

Support Equity in Literacy

Help break down systemic barriers to reading.
Strengthen youth and families for generations.

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Success Stories

Stories of youth who have succeeded against the odds are spreading globally. Youth in urban centers like Detroit, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. and rural places like Alaska and New Mexico can achieve their dreams with the help of accessible books from Bookshare. 

Rural Youth in Alaska Unlock Reading

Dedicated teacher Ben Griese Believes in his Students

Ben Griese uses technology and creativity to engage struggling readers in a rural Alaskan Native community.

Getting on Grade Level

Text-To-Speech Audio Boosts Class Participation

Boston Public Schools Assistive Technology Specialist, Scott Richards, helps a new student access grade level material and participate in class with her same-aged peers.

Navajo Youth Engage with Audiobooks

Teacher Vicki Numkena Opens the World to Literature

Vicki Numkena uses audiobooks to “turn on” reluctant readers on the Navajo Reservation.

Resources and Research on Equity and Literacy

Explore resources on equity to deepen your understanding of the issues and what can be done.