Invest in Innovative Inclusive Learning during COVID-19

Image collage of Bookshare users using different devices like headphones, laptops, tablets, and AT devices.

Benetech is proud to honor the millions of students who are courageously learning from home in the face of the pandemic.

Their resilience and their hope for the future deserve our support.

Emery smiling and holding a tablet.

“Working from home is really working for me. It’s been amazing. I don’t have to stress as much when I’m here because I’m in my own space. I can get more things done and I can accommodate myself.”– Emery, middle schooler in Texas



“I’m teaching myself all sorts of things. Because I have free time and I have the excuse. I want to be an entrepreneur. I’m preparing for the time when I go out into the world.” – Eli, high schooler in Maine


Give generously so that more kids can keep learning in ways that work for them. They are, after all, our leaders of tomorrow. 

Thanks to generous anonymous donors, your gift will also be matched up to $25,000.

Donate today and we’ll see that your dollars will bring inspiration and hope to eager students around the world.

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