Rayanne Darensbourg Joins Benetech Board of Directors 

Children’s Museum Houston CEO brings inclusive learning program expertise to expand support of underserved students who learn differently 

PALO ALTO, Calif. — February 10, 2023 —  Benetech, a global nonprofit focused on providing equitable opportunities for all learners, today, in advance of International Day of Girls and Women in Science (February 11, 2023), announced the appointment of Rayanne Darensbourg to its Board of Directors. Rayanne is the CEO of Children’s Museum Houston. She has two decades of non-profit and education experience with a deep understanding of complex issues and mission-focused programs and initiatives. The Benetech board, a diverse and highly experienced group of professionals, leverages collective expertise and leadership from a broad spectrum of sectors including technology, business, philanthropy, and education to advance the organization’s mission of driving equity in education.   

“Benetech envisions a world where learning is inclusive and equitable, and where everyone can learn regardless of ability, race, gender, or socioeconomic status,” said Ayan Kishore, CEO, Benetech. “We are committed to purposefully bring on experts to our team whose expertise increases our ability to create inclusive educational opportunities – especially in underserved communities. Rayanne’s public and nonprofit expertise in operationalizing strategies for supporting students, teachers and families will help Benetech better serve students with learning differences and disabilities.” 

The newest member of Benetech’s Board of Directors, Rayanne will provide valuable strategic guidance to help Benetech intensively cater to underserved students domestically and further inclusive education globally.  

“As someone who has dedicated my career to galvanizing communities to support critical education and enrichment to students, I value the role of technology in creating learning opportunities for digital and personal connection that foster a lifelong love of learning. Benetech’s focus on equity in education — especially unlocking STEM for girls and other students with learning differences who dream of becoming the next Mae Jemison — resonates with my values around inclusion,” said Darensbourg. “I look forward to working with Benetech to deliver on the promise of equitable education for all students to pursue education, improve learning outcomes, and realize their dreams.”   

View all Benetech board member profiles at: https://benetech.org/about/leadership/board/  

Background on Rayanne Darensbourg 

  • Over two decades of experience in the nonprofit and education sectors  
  • CEO of Children’s Museum Houston (CMH) — recognized as one of the world’s leading children’s museums that connects children and families with customizable experiences designed to offer foundational learning opportunities 
  • Previously the Chief Operating Officer at Neuhaus Education Center 
  • Holds a Master of Public Administration from Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University; Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of New Orleans; Certificate in Legislative Studies, Government Affairs Institute, Georgetown University 
  • Proud Senior Fellow of American Leadership Forum (ALF), Community Development Class 1   
  • Achieved Outstanding leadership and service awards from the University of New Orleans Department of Special Education 

About Benetech  

Benetech believes that equitable access to education is a human right. Our technology and services break down systemic barriers and empower all learners regardless of ability. Around the world, we partner with local communities to expand inclusive and equitable education opportunities. To date we have delivered more than 20 million accessible books helping over 1.5 million students, jobseekers, and adults to read, learn, and pursue their dreams. Visit www.benetech.org.