What If Tech Could Empower ALL People?

How are technology and information changing our world? Who is benefitting? Who is left behind? WHAT IF asks important questions about their impact on society. We invite you to imagine what the world would look like if technology and information worked for ALL people through a series of perspectives, media, and virtual events.

It is time to demand more from technology, those who develop it, and the information they control. See where Benetech, our partners, and the communities we serve are working to do something about it. 

Where we use tech to address inequity

  • What if everyone could learn STEM?

    Students working on tablet in classroom.
    Education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is essential. Yet too many are excluded from learning STEM because of learning differences or disabilities.  What if STEM were inclusive to ALL learners?

  • What if AI were just?

    Ugandan man holding a workbook.
    AI, or artificial intelligence, is helping us automate tasks and do things faster. It is also marginalizing and excluding underrepresented, at-risk communities. What if AI were just?

Disability Rights: Past, Present, Future

For 30 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has protected the rights of people with disabilities. Read the stories of people who have benefited from the ADA and their views on its role in supporting them in an increasingly tech-powered world. Read Stories