What If Social Services Were Accessible

Demand for social services is soaring. Timely access to help can mean the difference between safety and crisis. Help exists, but data and information about social services are either incorrect or out of date. What if getting help was as easy as finding the nearest coffee shop on an app?

 “What we are trying to do is build a fabric of care to support the safety net.”

KP Naidu, VP Benetech Labs

COVID-19's Impact on Social Services

It’s hard enough to find basic goods like toilet paper and rice at the store, right now. For individuals and families in need, finding food, shelter, and essential supplies has become nearly impossible. COVID-19’s impact has impacted virtually all aspects of life, including the ability to provide and attain critical social services. What can be done?

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Virtual Event
Systems Thinking and Poverty Alleviation

What is systems thinking? Why is it important when considering poverty alleviation? Join KP Naidu, VP of Benetech Labs, and Andrew Hening, Co-Founder of Opening Doors Marin and Director of Homeless Planning & Outreach, as they discuss these questions at the Impactathon for Future Flourishing.

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