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Benetech’s GCA certification is the first-ever independent third-party digital accessibility certification program. Our goal is to help publishers build born accessible content that meets the needs of all readers. The program accomplishes this by helping adjust publisher workflows to ensure that content they produce is accessible from the start. Certified publishers receive a GCA seal and associated metadata they can include in EPUB files produced by their certified workflows.
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Bookshare is the world’s largest library of ebooks for people that read differently. The collection has nearly a million titles and empowers hundreds of thousands of people who cannot read traditional books due to disabilities like blindness, low vision, and dyslexia. Readers can listen to books, see and hear words as they are highlighted, read in braille or large font, and customize their reading experience in ways that work for them.
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Education Equity

Transform how information and education are made accessible to everyone through innovative solutions and industry initiatives. 
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See the impact we've had addressing critical issues in the education system.
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Social Inclusion

Make information accessible so that everyone can learn, work, socialize, and pursue their dreams.
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Training Resources

Benetech cares deeply about educational equity. One way to influence that is to provide teachers with high quality training that is practical and action oriented. This provides support to students through teachers who are striving to provide appropriate and effective accommodations to their students to help them reach their goals. Another way to influence this is to provide professional development to librarians and other community organizations that are an avenue to information to the public.
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