• Benetech Overview (PDF)
  • Data for Action and Impact Article (PDF)
  • Software for Social Good Overview (PDF)
  • Infographic: Software for Social Good (PDF) (JPEG)
    • Extended description for Infographic (PDF)
  • Inclusive STEM Idea Jam (PDF)
  • Benetech Service Net Convening: Bay Area and Sacramento (YouTube)
  • Environment Impact Profile-Avina (PDF)
  • Environment Impact Profile-Miradi (PDF)
  • Expanding Employment Success for People with Disabilities (HTML) (PDF)
  • Marrakesh Treaty (Subpage)


  • Education Overview (PDF)
  • Bookshare Overview (PDF)
  • Bookshare Global Overview (PDF)
  • Support Bookshare Global (YouTube)
  • Mathshare Overview (PDF)
  • Global Certified Accessible Overview (PDF)
  • Born Accessible Overview (PDF)
  • Born Accessible Teachers Guide (PDF)
  • Buy Accessible Overview (PDF)
  • Build Accessible Overview (PDF)
  • 15 Top Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB 3 Files (PDF)
  • DIAGRAM Initiative Overview (PDF)
  • DIAGRAM Annual Report (HTML)
  • Bookshare for Libraries Overview (PDF)
  • All Children Reading – Final Report (PDF)
  • Bookshare: A Global Approach to Bring Accessible Books to People with Disabilities (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Ryan (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Emery (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Brian Meersma (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Kevin Leong (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Katherine Schneider (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Robert Lewis (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Justin Novello (US) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-John Artacho (Philippines) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Suraj (India) (PDF)
  • Education Impact Profile-Moses (India) (PDF)
  • Alt-Text for Benetech Back-to-School Survey Visualization 2018 (PDF)
  • Benetech’s Bookshare: Decoding Dyslexia with an Ivy Leaguer (YouTube)

Human Rights

  • Connected Civil Society Initiative Overview (PDF)
  • DatNav Guide, Spanish (PDF)
  • DatNav Guide, Arabic (PDF)
  • DatNav Guide, English (PDF)
  • Human Rights Impact Profile-Guatemala (PDF)
  • Human Rights Impact Profile-Uganda (PDF)


  • Benetech Service Net Brochure (PDF)
  • Benetech Service Net Overview (PDF)
  • Benetech Service Net (Subpage)
  • Benetech Service Net Video (YouTube)
  • We’re Only Human After All – Strengthening the Social Safety Net (YouTube)


  • Landmine Pilot Study (PDF)
  • Lessons Learned: Benetech Landmine Detector Project (PDF)
  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (PDF)