Benetech Intern Demonstrates Talent for Digital Marketing

By Laura Deck, posted on

Mihir Parmar creates digital designs that are engaging AND accessible

For the past six months, Benetech was fortunate to have Mihir Parmar, a recent graduate of Sacramento State University, join the marketing team as a digital marketing design intern to contribute his talents to various projects as well as sharpen his skills for future employment. Mihir recently completed his internship and shared his experiences.

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Mihir was born in India and came to California when he was two years old. His family spoke Gujarati at home, but he was too young to pick it up. Growing up he enjoyed many interests including playing soccer through high school as well as other outdoor pursuits such as skiing, hiking, and camping. He explored his creative side starting with Legos and moved on to photography and design. After two years in community college, he transferred to Sacramento State University to pursue a major in design.

What were your job responsibilities at Benetech?

I did everything from web design, digital graphic production, and ads for social media to collateral for corporate messaging and communications, video editing, and the launch of an exciting new technology product. I learned a lot and was glad to acquire some new skills like video editing. In addition, I learned about the importance of accessibility in software design whether it involves a website, social media, or software products.

What does “software for social good” mean to you?

Everyone should have access to technology resources such as educational materials regardless of where they come from or whether they have disabilities that prevent them from learning. The end goal should be to use technology as an accessible tool to spread knowledge.

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the internship?

I really enjoyed the project work and meeting new people in my first experience straight out of college. I learned a tremendous amount and had fun working on marketing campaigns and graphics.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the internship?

It was challenging at first to learn how to use the Bookshare Content Management System (CMS) since I wasn’t familiar with the technology. Fortunately, I received help from marketing team members and got up to speed quickly. I discovered some new web layouts and templates that I used for text and images.

What are your immediate career goals?

I hope to find a job as a UI/UX designer in the tech industry. I’m also open to working at a creative agency to gain design experience working with a variety of clients.

What advice do you have for students or recent graduates looking for an internship?

Find something that really interests you and create a project out of it so you can showcase it on your resume for potential employers. Create a portfolio of projects that represent work you would like to be hired for. For example, in college I did a team branding project and UX case study that helped me land the Benetech internship in digital marketing. Find your passion, even if it’s hard to figure out, and let it guide you.

Learn more about Mihir on his personal website and LinkedIn.

Benetech thanks Mihir for his considerable contributions to the marketing team and wishes him much success in his career.