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Benetech’s publisher partnerships help us operate our Bookshare initiative at scale. By sharing the digital files for their new titles directly with Bookshare, our publisher partners greatly decrease the time and work required to get a title up on Bookshare and available to our users with reading barriers, as it allows us to circumvent the chop and scan process. Thanks to these publishers, thousands of new titles are added to Bookshare’s collection each week. Benetech also works with publishers, to help them build ebooks that are Born Accessible, through our Global Certified Accessible (GCA™) program.

G-W recently became a Bookshare partner and joined our GCA Program. Why is accessibility important? And what can publishers do to start their accessibility journey? Here to share the G-W perspective is Maureen Brennan, Director of Marketing at G-W.

What is G-W’s mission?

G-W’s mission is to build careers. By providing best-in class instructional resources, we equip students with a complete set of skills—career, technical, and health and wellness—for success in today’s world.

How did G-W become a Bookshare partner? 

G-W understands the importance of removing barriers to learning and we were looking for a partner who shared that focus. As a leader in the accessibility industry, Bookshare was the perfect fit. Thanks to our partnership with Bookshare, learners with reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style.

Why is G-W working towards becoming a Global Certified Accessible publisher?

Becoming a GCA publisher ensures that G-W has architected a workflow to make our ebooks accessible to our customers—now and in the future. This is an ongoing commitment to all learners that we take very seriously.

How does accessibility fit into your mission and business goals? 

Preparing students for life and career is our goal, and part of that process is working to eliminate any barriers to learning. Our partnership with Bookshare helps us meet the needs of all students by providing accessible ebooks that build skills for their future success.

What advice would you give to a publisher that is just starting out its accessibility journey?

Accessibility is a journey, not a destination. As publishers, we can help all students—regardless of any disability. Everyone deserves high-quality education. Let’s be a part of the solution!

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