Q&A with Matthew Yip, VP of Product & Engineering

By Shareef Phillips, posted on
Matthew Yip, Headshot.

Meet Matthew Yip

Benetech welcomes the VP of Product and Engineering at Benetech, Matthew Yip. He has an extensive experience in the tech and social sectors. This informative interview examines what brought him to Benetech and the opportunity he sees to make a social impact.

Tell us a little about your background.

In the last 17 years in tech, I have been privileged to build products and lead teams across various organizations, from Microsoft, Start-ups, to Rosetta Stone. I have always been passionate about harnessing the power of technology to improve lives. 

What attracted you to Benetech and its mission?

As a dad and VP of Product at Rosetta Stone, I saw firsthand how every student learns differently, and how learning can be improved and blended with technology. On the other hand, there are very few non-profit tech organizations, and fewer focused on literacy and learning. And as education spans across classrooms to digital devices to AI, I am very excited to explore new ways Benetech can bring impact to equitable learning. 

In what ways do you believe your industry experience will contribute to your role here at Benetech?

First, I would draw from my experience in building teams, products, and services in both early startups and public companies to Benetech. Second, I have built product-centric teams and cultures that focuses on user outcome and data. Third, education tech is changing rapidly in the last few years, and I will bring our technical vision forward.  

Which Benetech truth resonates with you the most and why? 

They all resonate with how I work! If I must pick one, “Right Stuff Right” is how I look at building products. It’s important to listen to listen to both qualitative and quantitative feedback, build hypothesis and experiment, and validate with results-driven approach.  

What does education equity mean to you?

Education equity is about ensuring that every student has equal access to quality education. It means creating an environment where all learners have the necessary resources, opportunities, and support they need to thrive. It’s not just about levelling the playing field; it’s also about recognizing individual needs. For Benetech, this also means working with the ecosystem of tech platforms and services that are serving our users. 

To learn more about Matthew Yip, Check him out on LinkedIn.