Take Action for Inclusive Education with the Benetech Advisory Council

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The Benetech Advisory Council is made up of movers and shakers in the education sphere. Their thought leadership on equity and inclusion in education is spreading globally. Dig deeper into these important conversations and join the movement for inclusive and equitable education for all.

Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson Headshot. Learning to read: from failure to success.

Watch: Learning to Read: From Failure to Success

Dr. Shawn Anthony Robinson reflects on his journey in a TEDx Talk, Learning to Read: From Failure to Success. He discusses the many people who made an impact in his life, and set him on the path to achieving a PhD in education, and becoming an advocate and role model for dyslexic students and their families. He uses his voice and experiences to give students hope to persevere, embrace their unique gifts, and make the world a better place. Watch the full TEDx Talk below:

Dr. Tracy Weeden Headshot. Text: It is time to shift the focus to our mutual enemy - illiteracy

Read: Literacy Will Light the Way

Dr. Tracy Weeden recently published a column for the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education about the importance of combatting illiteracy to close opportunity gaps for vulnerable children. In this article, she expertly shows the powerful impact of literacy on social and economic well-being. She also highlights the importance of early identification of learning disabilities to get students the supports that they need and keep them from falling into the school-to-prison pipeline.

Read her full article on the CORE blog: It is Time to Shift the Focus to Our Mutual Enemy – Illiteracy

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Attend: mEducation Alliance Spotlights Global Opportunities for Literacy in Virtual Symposium

The mEducation Alliance, founded and led by Benetech Advisory Council member, Anthony Bloome, will be hosting a virtual symposium, EdTech for Accelerating Foundational Literacy and Numeracy in Low-Resource Contexts, September 27th-30th. The convening will cover important topics, such as girls’ education, accessibility, and personalized learning. We hope to see you there!

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Join: Breaking Down Systemic Barriers to Literacy

At Benetech, we believe that every student deserves a chance to read and discover his or her passions. With your support, we can get critical reading supports and services to the students who need them most. Learn more and find out how you can join the growing public-private partnership that is investing to ensure equitable access to Bookshare literacy resources for all eligible students, regardless of their zip code.

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