Using Personal Experience for Advocacy: Benetech Board Member Dr. Katherine Schneider

By Carrie Motamedi, posted on

As we close out Women’s History Month, Benetech has announced its newest board member — who not only tips the balance to women comprising more than 50% of the board — but also brings a unique perspective to the governing body:

Dr. Katherine Schneider Joins Benetech Board of Directors.

Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Dr. Schneider shared her perspective on what she brings to the Benetech Board.  

DR. SCHNEIDER: My unique addition to the Board is that I am a person with lived experience of blindness/disability. I’ll use my experience as a Bookshare user and advocate to inform Board strategy by representing the needs of the blindness/disability community as the Board strategizes about topics from fundraising to directions for growth for Benetech. I welcome input from the Bookshare community at [email protected] 

Dr. Schneider serves on several boards including the Eau Claire County Board. As a member of the Benetech board, she will also contribute on the Development Committee. She is an author of four books: To the Left of Inspiration: Adventures in Living with Disabilities; a children’s book, Your Treasure Hunt: Disabilities and Finding Your Gold; and two books for seniors, Occupying Aging: Delights, Disabilities and Daily Life and Hope of the Crow: Tales of Occupying Aging all which can all be found on Bookshare.