The Impact

Tech Entrepreneurs Can Change the World through Philanthropy

Today we welcome Jim Fruchterman, founder and CEO of Benetech. Jim is a seasoned entrepreneur, having successfully launched multiple for-profit and social enterprises. He’s also a MacArthur Fellow, a recipient of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, and a Distinguished Alumnus of Caltech. As a prominent software for social good leader, we turned to Jim […]

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The Impact: Microsoft’s Commitment to Accessibility

Elise Livingston on Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility When we kicked off our blog series, The Impact, we talked about spotlighting partners that are pioneering the software for social good ecosystem. So it’s time to do just that! We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Elise Livingston, Program Manager, Office Graphics, at Microsoft about the amazing […]

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The Impact: Anh Bui on Ecosystem Engagement & Systemic Change

Welcome to The Impact, our blog series that spotlights thought leaders pioneering the software for social good ecosystem. At Benetech, we know that the social sector must embrace the power of software and data to realize positive, lasting impact at scale. 

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