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Lerner Publishing Group Partners with Benetech to Make Books Accessible to Children in the US with Reading Disabilities

Benetech’s publisher partnerships help us operate our Bookshare initiative at scale. By sharing the digital files for their new titles directly with Bookshare, our publisher partners greatly decrease the time and work required to get a title up on Bookshare and available to our users with disabilities and learning differences, as it allows us to […]

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National Reading Month Publisher Spotlight: G-W earns GCA status

Goodheart-Willcox “G-W” became a Bookshare partner at the end of 2021 by sharing digital files for their new titles directly with Bookshare. Becoming a partner in this way is a great first step for publishers to begin their accessibility journey. Benetech is thrilled to congratulate G-W on becoming GCA Certified. We also want to thank […]

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