BlackRock and Benetech Help Nonprofits Build Software for Social Good

What does the open source technology community have to do with natural disasters? More than you would think. When a disaster strikes and technology is needed, the open source tech community lends its time and expertise to build software that can serve a direct purpose. Greg Bloom, a Benetech strategic advisor and founder of the […]

Benetech’s Bookshare by the Numbers

It was just about a year ago that the Benetech team celebrated 10 million books delivered through our Bookshare library. Shortly thereafter, we celebrated another amazing milestone: access to 500,000 books for Bookshare members. Those milestones speak to Benetech’s ability to use software to tackle social issues—in Bookshare’s case, access to books and information for […]

All Children Reading Project Delivers Ebooks and Literacy Skills

Benetech-led project exceeds goals and delivers 1,295 accessible ebooks to 131 students with visual impairments to improve reading skills.  Suraj is eight years old and in the third standard at the School for Blind Boys in Bhosari, a suburb of Pune, in the Maharashtra state of India. Children who are blind or have low vision […]

A Call for Millions: Ending the Global Book Famine for the Blind

There’s a global book famine afflicting people with disabilities. They lack the books they need for education, employment, and social inclusion. Billions have been spent addressing the problem over the past decade. I have good news: For $5 million a year, we can build a global library that provides tens of millions of people around […]

You Can Help Us Strengthen the Social Safety Net

Tech entrepreneurs can change the world through their philanthropy. They will achieve the greatest bang for their philanthropic buck by prioritizing the better use of community-driven software and data. That was my message in a recent interview, which you can read on the Benetech blog series, The Impact. Today, I’m writing to provide the first […]