Spotlight on Software for Social Good: The Complicated Intersection of Tech and Human Rights

Shabnam Mojtahedi is a lawyer focused on rule of law and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa region. At Benetech, she is leading efforts to apply artificial intelligence to help civil society organizations pursue justice and accountability in Syria and beyond. In this illuminating Q&A, Shabnam discusses her current work and shares her perspective on the complicated intersection of technology and human rights.

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Spotlight on Software for Social Good: Cal Blueprint

Welcome to “Spotlight on Software for Social Good”, a new series where we’ll shine a light on different projects and thought leaders in the software for social good space. At Benetech, we know that the social sector must embrace the power of software and data to realize positive, lasting impact at scale. Each post will […]

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The Importance of Inclusive Tech for Seniors: A Conversation with the CTA Foundation at CES

Whether for work or personal enjoyment, reading has long-lasting social and cognitive benefits. However, for seniors experiencing barriers to reading such as low vision or a physical impairment, using traditional print materials is a struggle, if not impossible. Benetech’s growing library of over 685,000 accessible titles, Bookshare, enables seniors to read in ways that work […]

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