Teaching Best Practices for Human Rights Defenders through Gaming

Learning best practices in any profession can take years, but for human rights defenders, following them can have life or death consequences.

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Introducing: Martus Uploader for Secure Data Backup

For the activists, lawyers and journalists defending human rights, information is their most powerful tool in seeking justice. The evidence they gather can be used to raise awareness, advocate for protection, and pursue cases in courts, tribunals or international mechanisms. Human rights defenders work under increasingly insecure conditions. They often face detention, office raids, and […]

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Is Your Human Rights Software Inclusive?

Five assumptions that limit your global user base When you have reliable, constant access to running water, it can be difficult to conceive of the daily lives of those who do not. The same is true of access to electricity, the internet, adequate bandwidth, and this year’s smartphone or laptop. And yet, billions of people […]

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