Bookshare’s new website design: What’s new, What’s coming?

The Bookshare website has a new look! We are rebuilding Bookshare from the ground up to provide a premier experience that serves the needs of our users around the world.  This exciting rebuild will be completed in phases, and we are excited to share the first of several exciting releases.  Our first release is focused […]

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Benetech Promotes Bookshare at IES Mulund School as a Bridge Tool for Digital Literacy

As part of our efforts to further the impact of digital literacy on the international stage, Benetech met with the Indian Education Society (IES) Mulund, a high-school, located in Mumbai, India. As part of this interview, Rujul, an IES Mulund student using Bookshare, along with her parents, teacher, and former principal, share the importance of […]

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Organizations are invited to join All Children Reading: Grand Challenge for Development and Benetech’s Inclusive EdTech Working Group to Promote Inclusive Education Solutions

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development, a partnership between USAID, World Vision, and the Australian Government, and Benetech collaborated to launch a working group focused on the use of educational technology to promote inclusive education globally. The Inclusive EdTech Working Group will address gaps in identifying and sharing best practices around how EdTech […]

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