Designing for Disability-Inclusive Data Collection

This World Creativity and Innovation Day we want to share the work we’ve been doing to support people with intellectual disabilities to hold governments to account.

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The 2020 Ideas That Motivate Our Work in The New Year

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges with both new and heightened obstacles facing our communities on a global and local level. With hope for a brighter future, we reflect on the ideas from 2020 that we want to celebrate and carry with us as we enter 2021.

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Thank You for 20 Years

Twenty years ago, with some seed money from his last startup and a vision to change the world, Jim Fruchterman founded Benetech, a nonprofit dedicated to building tech that serves all of humanity. Today, Benetech continues to build on the founding vision, expanding our impact to empower communities across the globe with software for social good.

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