Member Spotlight: Academic Enjoys Instant Access to Scholarly Texts in Bookshare

Olga Borovaya has been a university researcher since 1998, which is when she started losing her eyesight. An expert in Sephardic Studies and Ladino Culture, she was always looking for resources and devices that would make her work possible despite her visual impairment, but most of the time she relied on research assistants. Fortunately, she discovered Bookshare and enjoys immediate access to scholarly texts in accessible formats.

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Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities and Reading Barriers

Benetech is teaming up with Ferguson Library to uncover best practices to improve library services for people with reading barriers.

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The Road to Digital Learning and Employment in India

To qualify for job opportunities, people with visual impairments need education and skills, but the lack of accessible books and learning materials creates an obstacle. The Bookshare India team is on a mission to bring digital books, training, and devices to blind students.

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