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We empower communities with software for social good.

We’re a nonprofit that believes every person deserves the opportunity to achieve their potential. For nearly 20 years, our Bookshare initiative has been a trusted source of accessible ebooks for students with dyslexia, low vision, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers.  Our latest software innovations are changing the way students with disabilities learn science, technology, engineering, and math.   

Benetech Solutions

  • Bookshare

    Bookshare is a free ebook library that makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, and other reading barriers can access over 925,000 titles in formats like audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, and enlarged font. Bookshare is free for U.S. schools and qualified students of any age.

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  • Mathshare

    Mathshare is a free and inclusive learning tool that makes math easier. With Mathshare, teachers can create problem sets that students solve online with built-in accessibility features and step-by-step problem solving that helps students stay focused and organized.  Visit Mathshare

  • Content for All

    Born Accessible is an initiative that helps publishers to create accessible content and helps ebook purchasers to procure accessible content. Learn how to get ebooks in formats like EPUB 3 that can work for all learners. Visit Born Accessible

Presentations and Virtual Exhibits

  • ATIA Conference 2021

    Presentation: Reading for All: Flexible Content to Support Personalized Learning Experiences

    Learn how to make reading more accessible by publishing content in flexible formats, like EPUB, that support the customization needed to meet the needs of today’s diverse readers.  Access the on-demand session recording through June 2021.

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