Our Impact

Our software for social good has a dramatic, positive impact on the lives of individuals around the world. We help communities and the organizations that serve them make better use of information and data. Ultimately this means driving greater social change.

12 Million+
Books delivered to people with disabilities transforming how they read and helping them succeed
Titles of books in Bookshare’s collection, the largest online library of accessible books
People empowered to read and access information in ways that work for them

Our Success Stories

Breaking through Disability Barriers

Brian's dyslexia prevented him from reading school books. Today, he’s on the dean’s list at Cornell University with help from Bookshare and assistive technology.
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Increasing Reading Comprehension

Kevin suffered an organic brain injury that forced him to have to relearn everything from walking to reading. With talking ebooks and assistive technology, he has become a voracious reader.
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Countries benefitted from enhanced environmental conservation data and project management

Our Success Stories

Helping Conservation Teams Meet Goals

Conservationists need tools to gather and analyze field data to support effective sustainability decision making.
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Countries where human rights defenders can more safely document violations and use that data to achieve justice
Securely documented cases of human rights abuses
Human rights defenders who have safely submitted abuse cases using our software

Our Success Stories

Documenting Human Rights Violations

Sexual minorities in Sub-Saharan Africa face social, media, and even state-sanctioned persecution. Benetech assisted human rights defenders in Uganda by providing secure, data-collection software and capacity building to capture the stories of injustice and abuse.
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Saving Guatemala's History

The Human Rights Office in Guatemala sought justice for activists disappeared by the National Police during the 1980’s. Evidence saved in Martus helped convict two former members of the National Police force and built cases against the former chief of police and the former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt.
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