Our software for social good has a dramatic, positive impact
on the lives of individuals around the world. We help communities
and the organizations that serve them make better use of
information and data. Ultimately this means driving–
greater social change.

20 Million+

Books delivered to people with disabilities transforming how they read and helping them succeed

1.5 Million+

Titles of books in Bookshare’s collection, the largest online library of accessible books

1 Million+

People empowered to read and access information in ways that work for them

Our Success Stories

Increasing Reading Comprehension

Kevin sustained an organic brain injury that forced him to have to relearn everything from walking to reading. With talking ebooks and assistive technology, he has become a voracious reader.
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Journey from Dependence to University Graduate to Professional Employment

As a boy growing up in southeastern India, Moses relied on others to read to him due to a visual impairment. After graduating in 2009, he discovered Bookshare and acquired skills and knowledge to gain employment.
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Student with Dyslexia Discovers a Love of Reading

Emery is a sixth grade student from Garland, Texas. With the support of her family and dyslexia resources like Bookshare, Emery’s reading and school experience improved significantly.
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Assistive Technology Improves Reading Skills for Blind Student in India

Suraj is eight years old and attends the School for Blind Boys in Bhosari in India. Through Bookshare, his use of braille improved significantly, his reading speed has increased, and he loves the stories that are available.
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Audiobooks Help Reader with Learning Disability and ADHD Accomplish Amazing Things

Due to learning disabilities and ADHD, Justin thought he would never be able to learn, so he stopped caring about school. He is a self-professed late bloomer and says that audiobooks have changed his life.
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Dyslexia Doesn’t Slow Down Florida Student

Ryan is in eighth grade at Swift Creek Middle School in Tallahassee, Florida. Bookshare allowed him to leverage his strengths and perform up to his potential.
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Veteran David Szumowski Reaches for More

A life-changing injury in Vietnam forced David to adapt and overcome, taking him from combat to the courtroom.
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Dear Bookshare: My Dream Has Come True

Mother of two who is blind uses Bookshare to earn a college degree and increase employment opportunities in the Philippines.
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Breaking through Disability Barriers

Student with dyslexia harnesses Bookshare and assistive technology to improve reading skills, perform well in school, and graduate from Cornell University.
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Technology is the Catalyst for Inclusive Education in India

Blind since birth, Bharat Vaya has experienced the limitations of traditional education for the visually impaired. Bharat brings his advocacy for technology to his position as the principal at one of the leading institutions in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat.
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Sadaf Khan Answers the Challenge

Sadaf Khan is an accomplished professional who credits support from her family and volunteers, technology tools, and her own academic diligence to achieve her goals.
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Jolene Nemeth is a Master of Reinvention

Vocational Rehabilitation Technologist and Bookshare member applies her technical and artistic talents to serve clients and explore creative outlets
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Digital Math Platform Meets Teenager's Developmental Needs

New York teen with developmental, motor, and speech and language challenges uses Benetech's Mathshare to complete assignment and earn high school diploma
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The Road to Digital Learning and Employment in India

To qualify for job opportunities, people with visual impairments need education and skills, but the lack of accessible books and learning materials creates an obstacle. The Bookshare India team is on a mission to bring digital books, training, and devices to blind students.
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Publishers and conversion vendors participating in our Global Certified Accessible program


Countries benefitted from enhanced environmental conservation data and project management.


Schools & districts served with our solutions.


Securely documented cases of human rights abuses

Our Success Stories

Helping Conservation Teams Meet Goals

Miradi is the leading platform for adaptive, results-based project management for the conservation community and is utilized in more than 170 countries by users ranging from large conservation organizations to local groups, researchers, nonprofits, for-profits, and governmental organizations.
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Fundacion Avina Uses Mobile Diagnostic Tool to Improve Water Sanitation

Benetech helped the Latin American foundation leverage software and data analysis to provide clean water and sanitation to communities in Paraguay
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Saving Guatemala's History

The Human Rights Office in Guatemala sought justice for activists disappeared by the National Police during the 1980’s. Evidence saved in Benetech's Martus platform helped convict two former members of the National Police force and built cases against the former chief of police and the former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt.
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Documenting Human Rights Violations

Sexual minorities in Sub-Saharan Africa face social, media, and even state-sanctioned persecution. Benetech assisted human rights defenders in Uganda by providing secure, data-collection software and capacity building to capture the stories of injustice and abuse.
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JusticeAI: Ethical Artificial Intelligence for Human Rights Defenders

JusticeAI is open-source AI software that enables human rights organizations to review and collaborate on video documentation more efficiently.
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of working-age adults with learning differences are employed.


of Black or African- American and 77% of Hispanic or Latino 4th graders read below proficient levels.


of the students we serve have learning differences.

Our Success Stories

Musician Shares Passion for Music, Humanity and Reading

As a child, Robert Lewis would often sneak the family radio into his bedroom to listen to music and talk shows. Now, Lewis has broadcasted the news to a faithful audience for more than twenty-five years. Bookshare helps him read anything he wants, independently.
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Author is a Champion for Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Books

Katherine Schneider, Ph.D., is a retired clinical psychologist and author who lives in Eau Claire with her Seeing Eye dog, Luna. With help from Bookshare, she received her bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology.
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Blind Man Finds Independence and Normalcy Through Reading

John Artacho lives in the Philippines and reading the books he loves gives him a feeling of normalcy and helps him get through episodes of depression.
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