Our Story

“While much has evolved over the past few years, our commitment and fight for global social change to close learning gaps at the intersection of education, racial justice, and disability rights remains the same.”

We were founded by Jim Fruchterman with a sole focus on applying technology to social good. Today, Benetech continues to stand out from other tech and education equity companies—as a nonprofit—with a pure focus on providing technology and services for people with learning differences or disabilities so they can learn in ways that work for them and pursue their dreams.

More than two decades after our founding, we’ve grown to include multiple initiatives that provide technology and services  to improve—even transform—the lives of people all across the world. Benetech is embracing a paradigm shift in our social mission to more clearly focus on systemic barriers to education equity through deep engagement within individual communities. In our many years of commitment to scaling and galvanizing inclusion and accessibility in education, we continue to see how barriers disproportionally affect children with learning differences in communities of color. We are transforming our work to build a significant connection between difference or disability and racial justice – for lasting change in a focused, localized way. We are gaining momentum in five underserved metro areas – Albuquerque, Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Memphis – building a community-based approach and framework for sustainable impact.

Benetech has developed a broad national approach to inclusive education through awards from the U.S. Department of Education, recently renewed to 2027. It is only with additional support that we can build deep community engagement and expand stakeholder awareness, student screenings for dyslexia, teacher training, local funding partnerships, and promotion of local authors and culturally responsive content. Benetech’s experience in inclusive education and disability inclusion gives us a unique capacity for impact where few organizations are focusing. We will apply and adapt the initiative to fifty regions over the next 10 years.

We are also working with schools and organizations globally to help ensure inclusive education, digital literacy, and access to learning materials for students with disabilities from education to employment. Our teams and programs in India, the Philippines and Kenya are empowering learners to succeed in school and beyond.

You can read more about our work in education equity, racial justice, and disability rights. As a nonprofit tackling tough social issues, the funds to identify and develop new software solutions come from individuals, foundations, corporations, partner organizations, and agencies. Please consider supporting our work or partnering with us. Together, we can make education equity happen.