Benetech Surpasses One Million Books Under Management!

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Three children sit at computers listening to Bookshare accessible ebooks through headphones.

Empowering hundreds of thousands of people to read their way

I’m excited to announce that Benetech’s Bookshare initiative has recently crossed over 1 MILLION accessible ebooks under management, and we continue to grow. In addition to Bookshare’s huge collection of over 700,000 titles, Benetech manages hundreds of thousands of books for our partners around the world. Many of these books are available in different reading formats, providing almost four million reading choices to support the different ways people want to read. With each new book under management, we grow closer to an inclusive future where every person – those with reading barriers and those without — has the same opportunity to read, learn and access information.

This incredible collection of books – of knowledge – changes people’s lives every day. Whether it’s learning to read independently, or getting the highest grade in their college class, or getting a job and bringing home their first paycheck, access to education and literacy through Bookshare is unlocking opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

So, to all of our funders, partners, staff, and volunteers, on behalf of the people you’ve already empowered and the millions more who will benefit from your support, we say “Thank you for your support and your unwavering belief in our mission.”  And, to the hundreds of thousands of people who have downloaded books, and the millions more who will use Bookshare but haven’t yet, we say “What are you waiting for?  There are books to read!”

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