Brad Turner Talks Accessibility in Education on EduTalk Radio

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Students with reading barriers get equal opportunities through resources like Bookshare

On April 11, EduTalk Radio host Larry Jacobs and VP and GM of Global Education and Literacy, Brad Turner, discussed ways that all students can have equal access to education through resources like Bookshare. Reading barriers cross all segments of society. People who can’t hold a book, see printed text in a book, or decode words in a book can join the 650,000 people who enjoy books because of Bookshare, the world’s largest library of accessible ebooks.

Larry and Brad discussed the benefits and versatility of accessible ebooks, how Bookshare is a game changer for so many students, and why Benetech’s ultimate goal is “born accessible.”

  • The Bookshare collection has over 700,000 books that come in five formats including Braille, audio, highlighted “karaoke-style” text, and MS Word
  • Digital book files from 850 publishers and volunteer scanners and proofers keeps collection growing daily
  • Exception to US copyright law allows us to distribute books to people with reading barriers
  • US students and schools use Bookshare for free thanks to award from US Department of Education
  • Special education teachers and other school personnel can set up organizational and student memberships at
  • Since books are all born digital, they should be born accessible, with accessibility features built in from the start

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