Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

By Julianna Wright, posted on

Blogs highlight impact of digital accessibility in education and employment across the globe

An adult points at and a child touches a large tactile globe.

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day dedicated to promoting digital access for the more than one billion people living with disabilities across the globe. At Benetech, we believe in and aspire towards a more inclusive future, where information is accessible to everyone. It is part of our core organizational Truths and incorporated into our approach to designing software for social good. These blogs shine a spotlight on the importance and impact of digital accessibility in education and employment.

Betsy Beaumon, CEO, Calls on Corporations to Create Inclusive and Accessible Work Environments

Last fall, Business Roundtable, an association of CEOs of America’s leading companies, redefined the purpose of a corporation to promote good for the wide range of stakeholders involved in business, from employees and supply chain partners, to customers and communities where businesses operate. In response, Benetech CEO, Betsy Beaumon, encouraged corporations to ensure that their hiring practices are accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities. She explores the business case for inclusion and actionable steps that all organizations can take to be a more inclusive workplace. Read “To Promote An Economy That Serves All,” All Must Be Included in the Solution

Accessibility (or the Lack Thereof) Adds Up for Students with Learning Differences

For students with reading barriers such as dyslexia, low vision, blindness, or cerebral palsy, accessible digital content is critical to being able to learn and pursue an education. Bookshare Director of Operations, Fred Slone, shows that when students aren’t given truly accessible digital course materials, the impact adds up. Read Perspectives: 180 Million Times Students Were Denied the Opportunity to Learn or view the infographic.

Accessible Data Collection Empowers Inclusive Employment

Benetech is a proud member of Inclusive Futures, an initiative funded by UK Aid, to advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.  Benetech’s accessible Data for Inclusion platform will be used to empower people with disabilities to share firsthand accounts about barriers to employment. The app will provide localized content that informs individuals about their rights and entitlements, and it will include accessible tools for self-reporting, data management and analysis. Read more about the Inclusive Futures Initiative.

Accessible EdTech: Trends and Opportunities in K-12 Education

Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center’s annual report on technology for accessible K-12 education is even more relevant now when many schools are leveraging digital platforms to keep students learning from home. With topics including accessible computer science, data visualization, multimodal user interfaces, and personalized learning, the DIAGRAM report is a key resource for educators looking to leverage accessible digital tools to support learners with diverse needs and preferences. Read Report Examines Technology that is Changing the Educational Landscape.

Accessible Technology Empowers Inclusive Education in India

In Bharat Vaya’s 48 years, accessible technology has changed a great deal. He espouses the advantages of technology and digital books and the benefits of including students with visual impairments in mainstream classrooms. He wants everyone to know how to make education inclusive for students with disabilities. “Technology is the solution! Anyone who is skilled at using a computer can succeed in school and find work.” Read Technology is the Catalyst for Inclusive Education in India.