Benetech Joins SanDisk’s Day of Service

Last December, Benetech – through its SocialCoding4Good program – was invited to participate in SanDisk’s Day of Service. The event brought together technical employees with two accessibility projects from the DIAGRAM Center, one of Benetech’s Global Literacy initiatives. Approximately thirty SanDisk participants learned about the software tools that Benetech uses to translate images in STEM textbooks […]

CEO’s Update: Summer/Fall 2015

This is a thrilling time to be in the technology-for-good business. The speed at which consumer and mobile technologies are evolving opens up so many opportunities to make greater social impact that touches more people faster. Our team has been thinking hard about Benetech’s next phase of growth and how we can best seize the tremendous opportunities available to us today to build a better tomorrow for all. My special passion recently has been thinking about using data for greater impact: watch for thought pieces from me on this topic in the coming months. I am delighted to share some of our latest news and exciting developments in our core programs.

DIAGRAM Center Extended Through 2020 with Expanded Mission: DIAGRAM Center +

For most readers, engaging with images – including charts, diagrams, and even mathematical formulas – is just another element of reading. For people with disabilities, however, visual content often presents a barrier to learning. While digital reading tools make it possible to read printed text through text-to-speech (TTS) or braille, the visual information is largely […]