Benetech’s Communities are the Engines that Power Our Work

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and contribute in a myriad of ways. At Benetech, we rely on an army of volunteers, advisors, mentors, ambassadors, experts, working groups, and community leaders to help us achieve our mission, which is to empower communities by creating scalable technology solutions. Without their collective expertise and skills, the reach and impact of our work would not be as great. Thank you to all of the volunteers and community members who advance our software for social good mission.

A Reasonably Secure Future

For the last five years, I’ve traveled around the world training human rights defenders to use technology to more securely collect, store, and share sensitive data. The individuals and groups I work with face serious and complex digital threats that are difficult to detect. Some are aware of such threats and have taken precautions, while others are just gaining awareness and starting their search for solutions. To get a sense of where a specific audience fits on this spectrum, I often introduce the digital threat conversation by asking the room: “Show of hands: who here has a sticker covering their webcam?”

Benetech Introduces Human Rights Advisory Board

Benetech’s Human Rights Program is focused on providing solutions to some of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges. An integral part to developing and implementing those solutions—and what has made us successful to date—is working hand-in-hand with a global community of human rights organizations and experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Benetech Appoints Keith Hiatt to Vice President of Human Rights Program

Benetech, the leading nonprofit empowering communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions, today announced the appointment of human rights technology and policy pioneer Keith Hiatt to the position of Vice President of Benetech’s Human Rights Program. Hiatt will lead Benetech’s efforts to empower human rights defenders aroundKeith Hiatt Headshot the world by providing technology solutions and capacity building.

Benetech, Amnesty International, and the Engine Room Announce DatNav

A groundbreaking guide on navigating digital data for human rights organizations Palo Alto, California, August 24, 2016—Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions, is excited to announce the release of DatNav, a ground-breaking new guide on navigating digital data within the human rights field. […]