Jim Fruchterman and Betsy Beaumon on the SOCAP14 Main Stage

How can a social enterprise engage effectively in founder succession planning, and what are some of the benefits that may occur when a founder is able to share the ownership, control, and culture of the business with a successor, or even a wider group of social leaders? This was one theme of a plenary session at this year’s annual Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP14) in San Francisco. Benetech CEO, Jim Fruchterman, and VP of the Benetech Global Literacy Program, Betsy Beaumon, joined moderator Penelope Douglas, SOCAP Board Chair, for a dynamic conversation titled “Make Yourself Invaluable, Not Irreplaceable.”

Maximpact Names Benetech Top Player in Bay Area Impact Investing Landscape

The San Francisco Bay Area is home not only to technology innovation, but also to the growing trend of impact investing—an investment approach that seeks to create both financial and social returns. In a story that examines the region’s impact investing landscape, the Maximpact blog cites Benetech among some of the biggest players in the Bay Area.

Hunting for Rocket Fuel

I’m on the hunt for rocket fuel because new social enterprises—ones that five years from now could reinvent a part of the social sector—cost money to identify, to explore and to grow the most promising ones into self-sufficiency. Just like for-profit tech ventures search for angel investors, we need you—the philanthropic investors—to provide the rocket fuel that drives innovation. Are you a social investor? Are you a donor with passion for BIG ideas that can lead to BIG change? Then we have the opportunity for you! This Giving Tuesday, give different. Invest in innovation with Benetech and become part of the creative process that yields disruptive solutions for social good.