Benetech Recognized at the 2013 Diversability Breakfast: National Disability Employment Awareness Month—Part 4

Earlier this month, on October 3rd, I had the honor of representing Benetech at the 2013 Diversability Breakfast—an event that raises community awareness about efforts to advance inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace. We were one of a select number of organizations recognized for creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this fourth and last installment of our blog series marking National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), I’d like to share highlights from this special event.

Benetech’s “Social Enterprise Supply Chain” Benefitting People with Autism

Have you ever heard of the term Impact Sourcing? Basically, it’s when a company will outsource certain jobs or tasks in a way that makes a positive impact on society. Impact Sourcing especially benefits people who are disadvantaged, like those who live in an area with severely low employment or people with disabilities. At Benetech, […]