Inspiration and Technology Expand Collection of Accessible Books in India

“Doing a good service is like throwing a rock into a pond, the ripples just go on and on.” Nirmal Verma and Vijeta Kapur are on a mission to turn a book famine in India into a feast. This husband and wife team lead a life completely dedicated to the education of students and adults who are visually challenged.

Once Upon A Time: The Tale of Hanumanta, the Story Uncle

By guest author Clotilde Vasconi, Business Development Officer One year ago, Benetech embarked on a groundbreaking project in the Indian city of Pune, Maharashtra, thanks to a grant from All Children Reading (ACR). Over the past 12 months, we have implemented a pilot program that leverages Bookshare, our library of accessible ebooks for people who […]

Advancing Literacy Outcomes for Children with Disabilities in India: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Benetech is proud to join the international community and our partners in observance of International Day of Persons with Disabilities to promote awareness and mobilize support for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and development. This year’s theme, “Inclusion Matters,” focuses on access and empowerment for people with disabilities. As a nonprofit whose […]

Optimistic about Marrakesh Treaty!

The World Blind Union’s (WBU) Right to Read campaign for ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty just concluded two days of meetings in Berlin, Germany. The attendees were mostly the regional coordinators of the campaign, and the news was good. I found the optimism exciting: it seems like we’re moving quickly to getting twenty countries to ratify the Treaty. It even seems likely that it could happen in 2015!