Advancing Inclusive Education and Equal Opportunity with Accessible eBooks

Rapid changes in the fields of consumer technology, education, and publishing make it possible to address the needs of the millions of people who face barriers of access to information. This includes individuals with print disabilities, such as those affected by learning differences, like dyslexia, or people with physical or visual disabilities. On the official blog of, Benetech President Betsy Beaumon writes about our Global Literacy Program and how it creates new and better opportunities for people with disabilities.

Microsoft Supports Benetech to Make Math Accessible; Advancing Equal Education for All Students

Palo Alto, California, April 7, 2014—Benetech is one of three U.S. nonprofit organizations to win Microsoft’s Solutions for Good award—which funds the development of MathML Cloud, a cloud-based app that automatically creates accurate images and image descriptions of mathematical expressions, while retaining the detailed math markup for reference. This service will provide access to math for students who have visual disabilities or learning differences, thus enabling them properly to study math concepts critical for successful Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.