Martus Sunset

15 years supporting safety and security for human rights defenders Martus, the original end-to-end encrypted software for human rights data collection, has empowered human rights defenders for 15 years. It was a groundbreaking platform, enabling structured information management, cloud backup, and client-side end-to-end encryption, and we’re proud of the safety and support it has provided […]

Is Your Human Rights Software Inclusive?

Five assumptions that limit your global user base When you have reliable, constant access to running water, it can be difficult to conceive of the daily lives of those who do not. The same is true of access to electricity, the internet, adequate bandwidth, and this year’s smartphone or laptop. And yet, billions of people […]

A Reasonably Secure Future

For the last five years, I’ve traveled around the world training human rights defenders to use technology to more securely collect, store, and share sensitive data. The individuals and groups I work with face serious and complex digital threats that are difficult to detect. Some are aware of such threats and have taken precautions, while others are just gaining awareness and starting their search for solutions. To get a sense of where a specific audience fits on this spectrum, I often introduce the digital threat conversation by asking the room: “Show of hands: who here has a sticker covering their webcam?”

Benetech Appoints Keith Hiatt to Vice President of Human Rights Program

Benetech, the leading nonprofit empowering communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions, today announced the appointment of human rights technology and policy pioneer Keith Hiatt to the position of Vice President of Benetech’s Human Rights Program. Hiatt will lead Benetech’s efforts to empower human rights defenders aroundKeith Hiatt Headshot the world by providing technology solutions and capacity building.

In South Africa, Human Rights Joins the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

This July, more than 18,000 activists, researchers, scientists and policymakers from 183 countries converged in the seaside city of Durban, South Africa, for the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016), where news of medical breakthroughs that make it possible to remove the virus from infected cells led some researchers to conclude that a cure may be […]