Benetech Successfully Exits Environment Open Source Initiative Miradi

I’m delighted to announce that the Benetech team is celebrating a new milestone: we have successfully exited our environment software enterprise, Miradi, and turned continued management and maintenance of this open source software tool to the conservation community. Miradi has grown to a place where it can be self-sufficient and managed independently by the conservation community. Benetech’s commitment to open source made this transition easy.

When Flexibility Becomes an Operating Principle: Lessons from a Nonprofit

SocialCoding4Good began with the idea of building a sort of for tech volunteerism — an algorithmic platform that would match individual software developers to nonprofit organizations that were building open source software for socially good causes. Everything would be automated, everyone would get what they needed and our idea would help change the world! At the time of inception, venturing into the world of corporate social responsibility was not even on our roadmap. The problem: our idea wouldn’t address the real challenge…

Benetech Ranked #4 of 11 Greatest Tech Charities

In its recent list of the 11 Greatest Tech Charities, SiliconIndia News ranked Benetech as #4! The post describes Benetech and some of its major initiatives, including Bookshare, Route 66 Literacy, Martus and Miradi. Thanks, SiliconIndia News!