The Future of Human Rights Technology: The Role of Silicon Valley

How can we create more opportunities for technology companies to support human rights organizations? What will help ensure that the support given to them truly strengthens their capacity to implement the tools, principles, and methods that are required to protect and advance global human rights? Will the interests of the human rights movement and of […]

From Silicon Valley to the Hill: Educating Policymakers about Strong Crypto and Human Rights

Legislative staffers appreciate hearing from Benetech in our role as a Silicon Valley technology-for-good pioneer. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to join Benetech CEO Jim Fruchterman and VP of Human Rights Enrique Piracés in Washington, DC, for a series of meetings with Congressional staffers to present Benetech’s Human Rights Program and its role supporting the global human rights community. We also briefed members of the press who were interested to learn about our human rights work.

Brookings Institution Highlights Benetech as an Innovation Center

How do improvements in information and communications technology affect governance? A particular area of concern in this context is the use of technology in countries where the government is weak or altogether missing. In a story that examines the transformative impact of data and communication on governance, the Brookings Institution’s TechTank blog highlights Benetech’s role as an innovation center.